NTU Art Store

A redesign of the Nottingham Trent University 'Art Store', the online booking platform for students to rent photographic and audiovisual equipment.

Problem Discovery

During my three years as a student at NTU, I regularly borrowed equipment from the physical 'Art Store' and found the resources available incredibly valuable. However, the current system is overly complex and difficult to navigate.

I interviewed a number of students and technicians and identified common pain points. I discovered that the current booking system does not provide students lacking previous photography, video or audio recording experience with enough support.

Students need more assistance in choosing the appropriate equipment for their project and also with basic skills such as equipment handling, basic camera settings for creating control, using lights, tripods etc.


A complete redesign of the 'NTU ArtStore'. Looking at how we can improve existing features and introducing new ones to ultimately make the experience more effective, efficient, and delightful to students.

A new booking assistant which allows students to loan the exact items they need based on their project type, subject matter, and experience level.

Site Map


I started wireframing on paper before moving into Sketch to create low fidelity wireframes and mockups.

Sign in

Keeping the ArtStore on-brand with featured student artwork on a simple sign in page.


A centralised location for students to monitor their active and upcoming bookings.

Booking experience

Experienced students can jump right into the improved booking flow. Beginners can launch the brand new ArtStore booking assistant.

Booking assistant

With the brand new Booking Assistant, students can loan the exact items they need based on their project type, subject matter, and experience level.

Educational resources

Educational content on ArtStore items. Students can now be more efficient with their bookings over the short 3-day loaning period.

Try the interactive prototype.